We consider every child's education to be extremely important and work tirelessly to ensure that every pupil's attendance is as high as possible. We do this by employing a Director of Parent and Pupil Support, Sandie Kemp, who has a responsibility for attendance across the entire College.

Monthly Marble Attendance Challenge


Winners 2019-2020!

  • September - Year 3A

  • October - Year 2A

  • November - Year 2A

  • December - Year 5B

  • January - Year 1B


100% Attendance

  • Term 1 - 184

  • Term 2 - 101

  • Term 3 - 66

2018 / 2019

Amazing Attendance!


The children with 99% or 100% attendance across the whole year received a very special ice cream treat today. The children cooled down in this hot weather with a chocolate, mint or strawberry ice cream cone. 


Savannah received an extra special award as she has had the best attendance of all the children not only this year but across her whole school career. Well done!!! 

Scrumptious Attendance

This term we saw 18 children with 100% & 33 with 99% from the start of this academic year. ​

Sandy arranged for all the children to receive an ice cream and be presented with a certificate. ​

Well done everyone, keep it up! 

Well Done to all the children who achieved an amazing 99% and 100% attendance in Term 4! 

Each child received a certificate and an Easter Egg to celebrate this achievement. 

 Well done to each and every one of you! 

EGGtastic Attendance!

What A Fantastic Start!

We've had a brilliant start to the school year with our attendance. There were 64 pupils with 100% attendance and they were all able to celebrate with ice creams and a short film in the hall.


Good luck for the rest of the year!

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