College Leadership Team

Mrs Fotheringham - Principal - B.A.- PGCE - NPQH

Mrs Castle - Vice-Principal & Inclusion - B.A

Miss Lowe - Director of Foundation Stage - B.A.Ed

Mr Danton - Director of Key Stage 2

Mrs Farrier - Director of Key Stage 1


Ms S Watson - PA to Principal and Office Manager

Sandie Kemp - Director of Pupil and Parent Support

Mrs H Kemp - Office Administrator

Mrs N Wickham - Finance Assistant


Teaching and Support Staff

Reception A                                                     Reception B

Mrs Hooper - Class Teacher                               Miss Lowe-Director of Foundation Stage - B.A.Ed

Mrs Cox - Teaching Assistant                              Miss Clubb - Study Support Manager

                                                                      Miss Ochwat - Teaching Assistant


Year 1A                                                          Year 1B

Mrs Friend - Class Teacher                                 Mrs Farrier - Class Teacher

Miss Pawley - Study Support Manager                Miss Pawley - Study Support Manager

Year 2A                                                          Year 2B

Mr Uden - Class Teacher                                   Mrs McCarthy - Class Teacher

Miss Hopgood - Study Support Manager             Miss Hopgood - Study Support Manager


Year 3A                                                          Year 3B

Mrs Bagshaw - Class Teacher                            Miss Hamilton - Class Teacher

Miss Matthews-Crow - Study Support Manager    Miss Matthews-Crow - Study Support Manager

Mrs Adams-Beer - Teaching Assistant

Year 4A                                                          Year 4B

Mrs Tyler - Class Teacher (Maternity Leave)          Mr Grylls - Class Teacher

Mr Thompson - Class Teacher - Maternity Cover   Mrs Sausset-Peel - Study Support Manager

Mrs Sausset-Peel - Study Support Manager


Year 5A                                                          Year 5B

Miss Lavender - Class Teacher                            Mr Danton - Class Teacher

Miss Tranter - Study Support Manager                Miss Tranter - Study Support Manager


Year 6

Mrs Prettyjohn - Class Teacher

Mrs Coleman - Study Support Manager


Speech and Language/ First Aid

Miss Hodgson - Speech & Language Intervention

Site Staff

Mr Mills - Director of Site​

Heidi Matthews - Breakfast Club & Cleaning Team


Breakfast Club Staff

Heidi Matthews-Breakfast Club Supervisor

Paula Quint-Breakfast Assistant

After School Club Staff

Mrs Cox - Teaching Assistant

Miss Pellow - Pebbles Nursery Assistant Manager

Miss Tranter - Study Support Manager

Miss Pawley - Study Support Manager



Mrs A Osborne*

Mr J Peall*

Mr G Cowan*

Mrs C Boxall

Mr B Williams


Members of the White Cliffs Academy Board

Una Mills - Chair of the Academy Board & Member of the Board of Trustees

Katie Bryan - Parent Board Member

Sarah Lane - Parent Board Member

Rebecca Dutton - Board Member

Caroline English - Parent Board Member


Personnel Committee

Mrs U Mills

Mrs C Donovan

Mr D Meades (CEO)


Finance/Audit Committee

Mrs U Mills (Ch)

Mr N Castle

Mr R Davies

Mrs C Boxall

Mrs C Donovan

Trust Leadership Team (Advisors)

Mr D Meades – CEO and Accounting Officer

Mrs S Knight Fotheringham – Principal of White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts and Pebbles Nursery

Mr L Kane – Principal of Astor College

Ms R Tolhurst – Company Secretary, EA and Director of Operations

Miss M O’Dell - Head of School – Barton Junior School

Mrs N Biddle – Head of School – Shatterlocks Infant and Nursery School

Mr M Willis – Independent Financial Consultant

White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts, St Radigunds Road,

Dover, Kent, CT17 0LB

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