Family Security Password Procedures

White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts take the safety and well-being of every child very seriously. To enable staff to communicate with the correct adults, we now have a Family Security Password (FSP) procedure which is used to help us identify adults who need information about a child or come to collect a child from College. This password is provided by the NAMED ADULT on the pupil's education record and should only be given to those adults who will have the authority to discuss a child or collect a child from us.

The named adult will receive a text message from the College asking to provide a  Family Security Password and that will only be known to College staff and those people identified by the named person.  So, if someone unknown to College staff comes to collect your child or asks for information about them, we will only allow this if they have given the password provided by the named adult.

The named adult is the only person who can change this password and it can be done at any time - if a password is rejected as unsuitable (e.g. if it has been used by someone else) then another password will need to be supplied. Passwords can only be changed by text message to the College from the registered mobile number on the texting system for that child.

ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT THE COLLEGE HAS YOUR MOST UP TO DATE CONTACT DETAILS, INCLUDING MOBILE NUMBER. You can contact the College in person at the main office if you need to update your details at any time.

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