Survey Results and your feedback

We invite parents and carers to tell us how they feel about our college and what we are doing well during out Parent Partnership Meetings, which happen regularly throughout the year. Part of this process is the Survey Questionnaire: this gives us valuable feedback on what we do well and what we can build on for the future.


These are the responses to statements given to parents and carers this academic year, with an outline of what the College is planning to make things even better!


"My child is making good progress. "


"I strongly agree" =    93%

"I agree"               =       7%

"I don't agree"      =      0 %

"I don't know"      =      0 %


Our actions:

We are so proud of the fact that 100% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child is making good progress here at White Cliffs. We do all that we can to address the needs of every child in our care and it means a great deal to us that our parents and carers recognise this!

We will continue to monitor every child's progress very carefully, using Connecting Steps to help us plan teaching and assess which skills a child has achieved.



"The school is a good place for my child to be ."


"I strongly agree" =     99 %

"I agree"                =      1 %

"I don't agree"      =       0 %

"I don't know"      =       0 %


Our actions:

We are proud to say that this is the highest percentage we have ever had with

99% strongly agreeing that our College is a great place to be! Our staff are very dedicated and teachers plan exciting lessons that our children want to get involved in. Being part of the Dover Federation for the Arts Multi-Academy Trust mean that we can share expertise and resources with our staff and children across the schools which benefit all our children and we shall continue this into the future!




"Teaching is good."


"I strongly agree"  = 100 %

"I agree"               =      0 %

"I don't agree"       =     0 %

"I don't know"        =    0 %



Our actions:

This shows that every single parent and carer considers that their child is getting a good, varied education and that every child is taught to a high standard. We have taken steps this year to ensure that parents and carers are kept up to date with what their child is learning about in class and have made clear links between our topics and the relevant maths and English skills.  Termly Planning overviews and vocabulary lists are available on the Curriculum pages of this website.




"Staff expect my child to do their best and work hard."


"I strongly agree"  = 100 %

"I agree"               =      0 %

"I don't agree"       =     0 %

"I don't know"        =    0 %


Our actions:

Parents and carers have been made aware of expectations for their child in line with the New National Curriculum, and how we plan to assess and make sure pupils do the best they can.

Class teachers review the progress of each pupil with the Leadership team 6 times a year, and we are now introducing more ways that parents and carers can catch up on their child's progress, such as using the School Gateway messaging system and updates on progress in Connecting Steps.



"Teachers let me know how my child is doing."


"I strongly agree" =   96 %

"I agree"                =    4 %

"I don't agree"      =     0 %

"I don't know"      =     0 %


Our actions:

We continue to look at the way in which we report to parents and, following valuable feedback, we will be looking to have more face-to-face meetings with parents in the year. This will enable us to answer any questions that parents and carers have directly. We are also planning a more concise and informative "End of Year" report which will set out a pupil's progress academically and personally over the year.



"Staff treat my child fairly."


"I strongly agree" =   98 %

"I agree"                =     2 %

"I don't agree"      =     0 %

"I don't know"      =     0 %


Our actions:

We have a very straightforward Behaviour Policy which runs throughout the College and all staff and Children know the expectations of how to behave in class, at play and even moving around the College. We look to refresh the rewards that children can aspire to and ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed.



"There are interesting activities for my child."


"I strongly agree" =  86 %

"I agree"                = 13 %

"I don't agree"      =    1 %

"I don't know"      =    0 %


Our actions:

Comprehensive Termly overviews on the website showing the types of activities your child will be doing this term, along with photos and news stories to show the world some of the fun things our pupils get up to!

Our aim is to send out the overviews via email in future so that every family can see just what topics and projects are being taught, along with how parents and carers can help their child's learning at home.



"Staff encourage my child to be mature and independent."


"I strongly agree" =  95 %

"I agree"                =   5 %

"I don't agree"      =    0 %

"I don't know"      =    0 %


Our actions:

Our pupils hold a number of responsible positions throughout the College, ranging from  Prefects, Heads of House, E Cadets, Play Leaders, College Council Representatives as well as our Head Boy and Head Girl. We consider these roles very important when developing a pupil's independence and will continue to provide chances for children to develop their skills and develop as leaders of the future.

This year has also seen the introduction of more independent learning activities for our older pupils using Google Classroom.






"I know how to help my child at home."


"I strongly agree" =  97 %

"I agree"                =   2 %

"I don't agree"      =    1 %

"I don't know"      =    0 %


Our actions:

Learning outside the classroom is very important and we have introduced a number of resources which can help our parents and carers to support learning in homework. These resources, along with regular updates on the skills being taught in class, have helped a huge number of our parents become more comfortable with helping their child learn at home.



"Pupils behave well."


"I strongly agree" =  87 %

"I agree"               =  11 %

"I don't agree"      =    0 %

"I don't know"      =     1 %


Our actions:

We consider your child's education as a partnership and, as such, we work together to address concerns about behaviour. The most effective partnerships are those which involve parents and carers supporting the College in promoting positive learning behaviour and vice versa. We have high expectations when it comes to good manners and our pupils set a good example for others.





"Concerns I have about my child are dealt with promptly."


"I strongly agree" =        93 %

"I agree"                =         8 %

"I don't agree"      =         0 %

"I don't know"      =         0 %


Our actions:

We are always very vigilant when it comes to the well-being of our pupils in our care, and encourage parents and carers to bring any concerns that they have about their child's College work or behaviour to the attention the class Teacher in the first instance.

We also invite parents and carers to raise their E-Safety awareness, both through Orientation Mornings and meetings held in partnership with outside agencies such as Community Wardens.




"The school is a good place for my child to be."


"I strongly agree" =   97 %

"I agree"                =    3 %

"I don't agree"      =    0 %

"I don't know"      =    0 %


Our actions:

Children are at the heart of everything we do and the College Leadership Team make sure that everything possible is done to benefit our pupils, using a range of initiatives we have set up. We look very carefully at how we deploy Support Staff and resources and communicate with parents and carers as to what provisions are being put in place to improve learning opportunities for their child.







"I regularly attend Partnership evenings and make every effort to keep in contact with my child's teacher."


"I strongly agree" =   99 %

"I agree"                =    1 %

"I don't agree"      =     0 %

"I don't know"      =     0 %


Our actions:

Over the last year or so, we have found different ways to improve the communication between home and school and we will continue to innovate so that the right information gets to the right parent or carer. In addition to the School Gateway app, we are looking at introducing a third face-to-face meeting in the Summer term for parents be feel better informed. This move follows feedback from the last Parent Partnership meetings where adults were asked for their opinion. The overwhelming majority opted for a shorter summary-style written report and three meetings with the teacher a year (which will commence from Term 4)



 "The College provides opportunities to keep me informed of my child's progress."


"I strongly agree" =   98 %

"I agree"                =    1 %

"I don't agree"      =    1 %

"I don't know"      =    0 %


Our actions:

With increased face-to-face meetings, the School Gateway and the new "SeeSaw" home/school app (not to mention Google Classroom), we have more ways of parents keeping up to date than ever before


We urge parents and carers to make sure that they provide the College Office with up-to-date contact details as it can be very challenging for us to contact parents directly if telephone numbers email addresses or other key information are incorrect. If we need to contact you, we shall always use the first named contact for the child.


This survey was completed by 88 families who have places for their children at our College during November 2017.

To access the Parent and Carer Survey Results for Pebbles Nursery, click the link button below:

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